Harambee Natural’s passion is customer service and the supply of quality food industry products to our customer base.

We believe that at the end of the day customers want product to be delivered when ordered and thus DIFOTIS – which is Delivery In Full On Time In Specification. We go above and beyond for our customers. We thrive on our reputation of being the leader in customer service within the marketplace.

Harambee Natural has devoted itself to the food and natural health industries, by providing the best in terms of product quality, service and innovation.

Our products reflect our commitment to meeting the preferences of our clients, while transforming and customising on a continuous basis.

We offer a variety of products to relevant industries.

These include:







Our Services:

Flavour Matching
One of the biggest attributes to our success has been our ability to match flavours from other countries that require long lead-times and high minimum order quantities, in a faster and more efficient manner, and with lower minimum order quantities. We supply matches with the same dosage and flavour profiles as current flavours purchased elsewhere.

Technical Assistance
We endeavour to always offer proactive assistance with technical enquiries, and new product development and projects. Our team even goes so far as to assist our clients with technical documentation, such as Kosher and Halaal certifications if required.

When our team receives an enquiry, we maintain efficiency and timeous delivery of samples without compromising on our quality.

Everything we do evolves around helping our clients, and making their lives easier. We can assist with reduced lead-times, and keep stock in our warehouses based on our customers’ forecasts and commitments.

Harambee Natural is the go-to supplier for a range of natural and synthetic flavours and colours. From matching flavours from other countries with the exact same dosage and flavour profiles – our team goes above and beyond to ensure an excellent and dedicated service throughout.

We can combine any of our products and services to create a solution that is tailored to your business needs. Contact us today!

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