If you had to name three of the top most favourite and popular flavours in the world, chances are you’d come up with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. At the very least, they would feature in your top five. For good reason, too. Each of these holds a special place in the hearts, mouths, and noses of those with a hankering for delicious tasting and smelling products.

Notably, all three are commonly used flavours across a variety of applications, including bakery, sauces, dairy, cheese, snack bars, cereals, confectionery, beverages, and even pharma products.

Let’s talk about the best ways to use these flavours.

Starting With Vanilla

Vanilla is a highly complex and versatile flavour, and in the UK it is a top selling flavour sought by brands, manufacturers, and businesses who want to conjure up feelings of indulgence and nostalgia – particularly in bakery applications. It’s also a pretty expensive spice, which is partly due to its challenging propagation and production processes and partly because of the almost overwhelming demand for this beloved flavour across multiple industries.

That’s why scientists have developed vanillin – a flavour compound which mimics the signature taste of vanilla and at a fraction of the cost. At Harambee, we deliver only the highest quality ‘natural’ vanillin, the kind derived from vanilla pods to produce a strong, distinctive, and enveloping flavour and aroma as real vanilla. In this way, we can help our clients with a range of high-impact vanilla solutions, from beany or vanillic, sweet or caramelly to creamy or buttery, smokey, and custard.

So whether you require a Madagascan vanilla extract for a rich cheesecake or a smoky profile for frozen yogurt, we can work with you to build up a custom-made answer to meet your specific requirements.

Strawberry, a Firm Favourite

Strawberry is another flavour that’s a firm favourite in the UK. Similar to vanilla and vanillin, strawberry is also a flavour that can be tricky to replicate. The blend of compounds that make up the unique ‘strawberry’ smell and taste used to easily break down in the replication process. Now though, flavour specialists and scientists use sophisticated technology to safely harness and extract the compounds without changing the chemical structure and before they break down.

What this means is that strawberry flavour ingredients can be used to create, recreate, or enhance the delicious, truly strawberry tasting confectionery, juice drinks and smoothies, chocolate drinks, hot beverages (even coffee), frostings and jams, and frozen desserts (especially popsicles).

Chocolate Sweet Chocolate

Finally is the beloved chocolate flavour. In terms of the actual product that we know and love, it’s proven that us Brits consume around 660,900 tonnes of chocolate a year. That’s an average of 11kg of chocolate per person per year, which I didn’t think was that bad!J

But even the true taste of chocolate can be improved by adding additional flavours now and then, and much like vanilla, it can be paired with almost anything. In addition to the classics, like good old vanilla (or natural vanillin) and coffee, chocolate pairs well with citrus flavours, tart fruits, almond, coconut, and more recently, bacon and vinegar.

As you can see, our cocoa chocolate flavour range is often used in a vast array of savoury applications as well as sweet, as long as you have access to a full range of intense and true-to-taste cocoa extracts, delicious and tasty chocolate flavours, liquid, powder and paste formats, and a variety of profiles including malty, lactonic, honey, roasty, nutty and vanillic.

A Technical View

In addition to supplying 100% pure, organic and indigenous essential oils and carrier oils in the UK, Harambee is a premium supplier of flavours. From infusions to highly concentrated absolutes and flavourings, our flavours and extracts are derived from natural botanical, fruit and vegetable extracts, distillates, and essences to create industry-leading taste experiences.

Our expert flavour matching department uses scientific know-how, state-of-the-art processing technologies and extraction, and an extensive sourcing network to create a variety of natural taste solutions for a wide range of applications.

Talk to us today if you’re looking for the highest quality, true-to-taste strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavour ingredients.