As flavour specialists, we’re wholeheartedly committed developing a portfolio of natural flavour solutions for healthier food and beverages. We’re also dedicated to being innovative and keeping up to date with the latest technology, which is why our natural flavours work extremely well in all applications. It can’t be denied that the impact of Harambee flavour products can be tasted, seen, and smelt regardless of the vehicle, so it’s not surprising that our major success has been in the baking and confectionery industries, particularly where heat stability is required.

But do you know what our foremost passion is? You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s flavour, and while this is a close second, our topmost priority is actually customer service. To that end, everything we do, we do it the DIFOTIS way, which stands for ‘Delivery In Full On Time In Specification.’

This ethos is why we’re so trusted in the industry.

Harambee means synergy in the African language of Swahili and our roots are from Africa, South Africa in fact. Synergy means working together to achieve the same goal and our passion is to achieve this together with our customers, suppliers and service providers – partnerships are very important to us!

You may have noticed, at this juncture, the repeated use of the ‘we’ pronoun. That’s because there is simply no single person responsible for delivering the high standard of customer service that Harambee Natural is renowned for. It’s a team effort and this is as a result of the company’s belief that how our employees are treated is what will filter through the work that they do and the customers whom they serve.

These are more than mere words – it’s the premise that we’ve based our whole business on.

The truth is that it’s becoming increasingly important for more individuals, businesses, and organisations to choose to work with companies that prioritise the fair and positive treatment of their teams.

Here’s why.

Sustainability, Of The Human Variety

Everyone is concerned with how companies are treating the environment, but perhaps not as worried about the human element as they should be. Clearly it’s a good thing to do business with those who care about the planet and employ best environmental practices. But what we should also be doing is supporting companies who treat their employees well.

The main reason is because it’s the right thing to do. Employees are, after all, people with hopes and dreams, not to mention living expenses that they need to pay, and they deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, and empathy. Moreover, these are the very same people who are responsible for completing tasks relevant to your business operations, dealing with your service providers, interacting with your customers, and much more.

You can almost instantly tell when you’re dealing with a happy employee who is thriving in their position. They’re the ones who bend over backwards for you, leaving you with the most pleasant of memories so that the business they’re representing is the one you remember for the next time.

In our house, so to speak, we regard our employees as brand ambassadors and to that end we have developed dedicated wellness strategies to ensure that they feel valued, heard, and inspired to expand the company’s footprint and continue to provide the best in terms of product quality, service, and innovation.

Talk to us today if you’re looking for experts who not only deliver the highest quality, true-to-taste flavour ingredients that you need, but also have cracked the recipe for a thriving, happy workplace.